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Heavy Duty Armoured Padlock

Heavy duty padlock with hardened steel armoured cover over brass cover. hardened steel shackle prevents cutting with any type of saw. Supplied with 2 keys
62mm         Price        £12.95 (each)
81mm         Price        £22.95 (each)
91mm         Price        £26.95 (each)

Standard Duty Padlock

Standard duty stainless steel padlock with hardened shackle. Supplied with 2 keys
70mm Dia        Price        £11.95 (each)
90mm Dia        Price        £13.95 (each)

Closed Shackle Padlock
Aluminium padlock with a full plastic cover. Brass locking mechanism with a fully removable double locking shackle. Supplied with 3 Keys and key cover plate.
Closed Shackle 50mm         Price        £11.95 (each)
Closed Shackle 60mm         Price        £13.95 (each)

High Security Padlock
Solid steel body with high security brass locking cylinder. Chromed plated double locking shrouded shackle. Supplied with 2 keys
40mm         Price        £  5.95 (each)
50mm         Price        £11.95 (each)
60mm         Price        £13.95 (each)
70mm         Price        £15.95 (each)

Waterproof Padlock
Weather resistant padlock with solid brass mechanism. Rubber grommets on shackle to protect base. Weather resistant key cover plate. Supplied with 3 keys.
40mm Dia        Price        £6.95 (each)
50mm Dia        Price        £7.95 (each)

Laminated Padlock
Steel body laminated with protective bumper and hardened steel. Chrome plated shackle, double locking comes with supplied with 3 keys
40mm         Price        £3.95 (each)
50mm         Price        £6.95 (each)
64mm         Price        £9.95 (each)